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Verona Hybrid Canopy

Verona Hybrid Canopy

The New Verona Hybrid Canopy is a great versatile shelter for any garden!

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The Verona Hybrid Canopy helps you make the most of the summer sunshine with a retractable roof and some great features. With the strength of an aluminium frame and an attractive flexible canvas roof, the Verona Hybrid Canopy gives you the best of an Awning and a Canopy. The roof retracts from front to back with a simple click of a button on the remote control, folding back neatly against the rear of the structure giving you an interrupted view of the sky.

fitting_serviceThe attractive Anthracite Grey frame and White Canvas roof blend nicely together giving you a canopy that is modern and elegant. The Verona Hybrid Canopy is also available with lighting, the lights pre-installed into the canvas roof. At night the lights bathe the underside of the canopy with a warm light allowing you to enjoy your garden long into the night.

If the weather should turn you can retract the roof with the click of a button, the roof closing quickly and smoothly. Any rainwater is collected in the integral gutter, which is built into the eaves beam and channelled down through the legs.

Simple and quick to install, the Verona Hybrid Canopy is built to last and comes with a 5 year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Unlike an awning, rainwater running down to the front of the canopy will not simply drip down the front, but will be collected by the integral gutter and channelled down the legs – a more sophisticated way or dealing with rainwater discharge.

For added protection the Verona Hybrid Canopy can be fitted with side panels or sliding glass doors. Contact us on 01536 446393 for further details.

Hybrid canopies improve the appearance of your home, provide a flexible outdoor space for you to get more out of your garden and add value to your property. A more cost effective alternative to building an extension a canopy can provide you with additional space for a fraction of the cost.

There are an ever growing range of canopies available from the Canopy Shop and we aim to bring you the highest quality product at affordable prices. We have many years experience of helping customers chose the most suitable canopy for their home, so if you need any advice please call us on 01536 446393.


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