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Crescent Curved Roof

Crescent Curved Roof

£2,448 incl. Vat

This beautiful curved roof canopy can be used as a stylish sturdy carport or a sleek patio canopy for your garden. Whether you choose a carport or patio canopy this design has a unique appeal with its smooth flowing lines, durable aluminium frame and bronze-tinted polycarbonate roof.

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The Crescent Curved Roof canopy comes as a complete kit with everything that you need to build a modern, stylish shelter. This canopy is perfect whether you wish to create a seating area in your garden or to protect your vehicle all year round. It has a grey frame made from rust resistant, powder coated aluminium and galvanised steel. The covering is resilient bronze-tinted 6 mm twin-wall polycarbonate glazing.

Included within the Crescent Canopy Kit are the gutters, sliding roof system and anchoring kit. The Crescent is designed to be installed on concrete footings, piers, or any solid level surface. The post dimensions are 80mm x 80mm. The external canopy dimensions are: 502cm length x 362cm width x 242cm height. The Crescent covers an area of 18.2 m2; can withstand snow loading of 150 kg/m2; and is wind resistant up to 150 kph.

Please note: whilst marketing photographs may show this product fixed to a surface such as decking or paving, this product requires foundation pads to resist wind uplift. Please ensure that you fix this through to pads whichever final surface you choose.
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Assembly Instructions

  Click here to download our Crescent Curved Roof Canopy assembly instructions.