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Denver Cantilever Canopy

Denver Cantilever Canopy

The Denver Cantilever Canopy is now available to buy from The Canopy Shop and is ideal for use as a carport, patio canopy or walkway. Please select from the options below to see prices.

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The Canopy Shop is pleased to announce the release of our Denver Cantilever Canopy. With flowing lines and an attractive curve to the roof beams, the Denver Cantilever Canopy makes a distinctive feature to your home. It provides a flexible outdoor space unencumbered by posts and is ideal for use as a carport or patio canopy.

Cantilever canopies provide an obstacle free area beneath the roof making it easier to exit car doors or move items around the canopy perimeter. The clever design of our Denver Cantilever Canopy means the roof is self-supporting with attractive beams attached to the wall of the house taking the weight of the roof and any snow or debris that lands on it. The Cantilever beams have been tested to withstand heavy winds and the Canopy will give many years of life.

Our Cantilever carport is great to cover an electric car while charging. Providing the perfect shelter for not only your electric vehicle while on charge but also for you when entering or exiting the car.

The Cantilever beams are strong and light making them easy to handle and install and fixings are provided for fitting to solid brick walled properties. The roof is glazed in a lightweight, 2.4mm thick translucent panel which allow the transmission of natural light but without any glare. The Denver Cantilever Canopy can be supplied in any length and there are two different sized beams to choose from. If you want a walkway to go along the length of your home or a canopy wide enough to cover your car then we can meet your needs.

If you require beams that are slightly shorter than the standard 2440mm length we can supply these for a small additional charge. Please call 01536 446393 for further details.

When considering whether a Denver Cantilever Canopy is suitable for your home, there are a number of things to take into account. Firstly you need to ensure that the wall the Cantilever Canopy is to be fixed into is strong enough to take the weight of the canopy. If you are in any doubt please contact a builder. Timber or steel clad walls are not suitable unless you can fix into a structural beam inside the cladding.

Also if you live in a bungalow the eaves height may not be sufficient to allow the beams to be fitted unless you use one of our Bungalow Brackets. Bungalow Brackets spread the load across a bigger depth allowing you to fit the beams to the top of the wall.

Finally please ensure that the distance between your property and any adjoining house is wide enough for a Cantilever Canopy to fit. We supply two sizes of Cantilever beams 940mm and 2440mm, you can get further details by calling 01536 446393.

If you feel a Denver Cantilever Canopy may be unsuitable for your property then we can provide other canopy solutions such as a Harmony Patio Canopy,  a Quick Fit Carport or a Gazebo

Please note Cantilever Canopies do not come with Gutter or fascia
Please note: The Canopy Shop takes no responsibility for damages caused by incorrect installation of the canopy.

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Installation Instructions

Click here to download Denver Installation Instructions.


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