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School Canopies

Outdoor learning offers many opportunities for children of all ages including developing a more adventurous approach to learning and keeping them active and healthy. A school canopy provides a safe place to explore, learn and play while being protected from the harmful rays of the sun.

Our school canopies are great for young children as well as those in higher education as it allows younger children to explore new surroundings while providing extra space for older children to study and socialise.

With protection from all the elements including those unpredictable British showers our school canopies allow children to go outside all year round – making sure they are able to burn off some of that energy.

The Canopy Shop is proud to have worked with many schools, colleges, academies and nurseries over the years to provide them with covered areas that are stylish and built to last.

We are experienced in installing canopies for a wide range of applications including:

  • Covered play areas
  • Outdoor Learning areas / Outdoor classrooms
  • Covered walkways
  • Sheltered Waiting Areas
  • Cycle Shelters
  • Covered eating areas

Our school canopies are the highest quality bespoke structures specifically designed to suit your site and your requirements. There is a range of colour and glazing options available and the design of the canopy can be adapted to suit your school or nursery.

The newest addition to our range is the Atlas Parasol which not only shelters young children from the sun and rain but also adds dimension that looks fantastic.

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